itchy feet

got me in trouble


this time

with that outstanding woman

who hurts

too deep to keep


with my dancing, cheap grin

and the chaos I drag behind me,


that draws you in.

Your outstanding woman.

I looked at you


pulled and pushed you

and the worst part is

I don’t know why.

Maybe it was a game,

one you play until your mother says,

“stop. before somebody cries”

and she cried:

That wonderful woman on your arm,

and I sit here smirking

knowing better,

but being less,

than I have any right to be.

I know I’m sorry

but part of me wants to switch it


And just let myself be

absolutely anything

in her mind


or maybe I’ll step off that ledge I called you from

and asked you to come

find me when I was lost inside myself and your city.

Then it could all

just stop.


An angel rising from a rooftop.

But how would you remember me?

A woman who lives to love and make shapes in the mess she writhes in?

Paralysed in the shadow I drew,

I knew better.

I knew you.




and steadily losing hope.

Staring at the shifting shapes the sunlight refracts

onto the sand,

beside me and

beside my lifeless body.

It’d be beautiful

if I weren’t so heavy.

Belly full of stones,

I know.

I am to blame since I swallowed them.

But if it’s all the same

to you,

I’ll lay and wait.

The cacophony of surface-life

was drowning me anyway.

The bubbles emerging and pushing up

are slowing

and I am fading now.

It feels right

to let myself die,

my lungs scream

but my chest isn’t tight

and my nails

don’t dig into my palms in secret –

it’s no secret now,

no one expects more

of me.

It used to be only me that knew

that I would wake up

with lungs clawing for air.

That they couldn’t reach

even though

it’s right there.

I could almost see it,

I wanted its


so badly.

Smiling blue

eyes hid my clenched jaw.

It was easier

when it wasn’t my fault,

when I couldn’t control

all of this


It’s almost comforting,

almost home,

to know

away the tide will wash my sins,

and we can start again.

The way it was meant to be:

when there’s air around,

and breathing is easy.


I hate this society

where no one praises


for wisdom,

we question it with sneaking suspicion.

What is a society

where we wear out deficits

like badges of honour

on our lonely chests?

It’s filled with regret.

It’s overflowing with hurt.

It’s about anger,

Not healing.

When will we learn?

They’re gay,

she’s black,

he’s disabled,

I’m depressed, and

she was a ward of the state,

because her mother was insane

and her father told them to take her away.

But we’re all filled with the same hate.

While all we have is a label

rooted in

our identity

that signifies what we never had,

or what we haven’t got,

maybe what we’ll never have;

but without it

we again have nothing

and nobody knows the nameless

while we roll over the same waves

of shame.

We all need a new name

for what we are,

for the words of love

we can sing.

Now I know that what I didn’t have

brings value

to the moments

where I lock lost eyes and nod with intent

and promise someone

if they meet me halfway we can wreak havoc

and create change.

In a beautiful,

unprecedented way.

That’s my badge of honour

but I promise you it’s not a mark

for what I don’t have.

And not a sign of the way

it will always be.

It’s the beauty that

cleaned skin brings

when the shadow

of those marks has worn thin.


Let us begin,



The Earth

fills my veins

and I’ve never felt so alive

or so buried.

The sky

holds my soul

and I’ve never felt so free,

or so heavy.

All I want is to


high and


by my premature dreams

of destination.

And I guess,

when I sit here it’s easy

to feel empty

when I see your


Words come hard

and fingers tremble

as you dig your hands in,


when you


something I was so sure was lost,

may I ask that you


make it look

so easy?


For so long

it was only

in the far-off



of my freshly tortured


that original ideas

were free

to rattleravage

in their

unwashed cages.

And yet


I knew better



fetters that

held my breath

and scratched

dirty words

into washed

filthy skin

and senses.

But what do we



that which

caged us all

for so long?

It became for


not slavery

but freedom

from the cold


So I look at you





forever close,



for the fleeing that goes

with your snake smile eyes.




And dig deep

Under the freckles that


My dirty skin.


They all watch me

With speaking eyes,

With expectation,

Under a fool’s

Unconvincing disguise.


I’m sorry

That I am so unclean,

I’m sorry

That I have something

You all look

To take from me.

I’m breathless

At the thought

Of battles yet

To be


To retain


I have every right to be.

I’m sorry, sir,

I’m already empty.